“Sebastatsiner” teachers’ chorus was established in 2012 in «Mkhitar Sebastatsy» Educational Complex on the initiative of «Sebastatsiner» educational foundation. The art director of the chorus is the choirmaster Harutyun Topikyan who is also the founder of Yerevan state chamber chorus. The chorus is four-part and open. It consists of pedagogical staff of Educomplex.

The chorus performs compositions of Komitas as well as sacred and popular compositions of modern Armenian composers and popularizes them through concerts, ceremonies, festivals, which are accompanied by the various presentations of author’s educational program implemented by «Mkhitar Sebastatsy» Educomplex.

The chorus performs concerts both in functioning and ruined churches, on the territories of museums and monuments, public squares of cities and countryside, concert halls.

The chorus records its performances and distributes them through CDs and Internet. Its activities are fully reflected in the blog.

The general sponsor of the chorus is «Sebastatsiner» educational foundation.

The chorus responds readily and directly to all invitation both in Armenia and abroad.

The general sponsor of the chorus is «Sebastatsiner» educational foundation.
Director –Arnold Bleyan –arnold.bleyan@mskh.am
Founder – Ashot Bleyan – bleyan@mskh.am
Office address – Raffi str. 57, Tel: (010) 74 72 46
The Foundation on Facebook
The foundation accounts in “ProCredit” bank
AMD 253030034933 – 0010
USD 253030034941 – 0011
EUR 253030034958 – 0012
«Sebastatsiner» Teachers’ Chorus
The art director, choirmaster Harutyun Topikyan –  harutyun.topikyan@hotmail.com
Coordinator, blog Editor – Armine Topchyan – topchik@mskh.am, Tel. 093 309 389
The Chorus on Facebook
Address: Babajanyan 25

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